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Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels is the founder and operator of MBS Hiddengym. 

He has over 30 years experience training individuals privately or in a group/team setting.     


He combines his experience and continuing education in fitness to create  unique routines, classes and programs. All fitness levels are welcome.     


His attitude toward exercise is do it right or don’t waste your time doing it at all!  

He strives to always find the best program for each individual client. 

Dr. Kevin Poole

Chiropractor at Hope Wellness & Neurology. Whether you are an elite athlete, a busy business executive, or a parent simply trying to keep up with your kids, we know how important it is to perform at your best.  This is why we incorporate a detailed functional exam to find the source of your pain or dysfunction.

We specialize in sports injuries, chronic pain, acute pain, and neurological disorders.

Here are just a few things we treat:

–       Headaches

–       Neck/back pain

–       Shoulder pain

–       Foot/ankle pain

–       Concussions

–       Vertigo

–       ADHD

–       Dystonia

Dr. Kevin Poole

Hope Wellness & Neurology

7351 E Kemper rd. Ste A Cincinnati, Oh 45249 (513) 267-7748

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Winston loves the gym.  You'll see him from time to time.  Though

his Great Dane size can be a bit intimidating, he's just a friendly 

teddy bear.  Don't be afraid to meet him, but be careful because 

you'll instantly be best friends. 

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